SilverJet A division of Pacific Airways

SilverJet History

In 2005, Pacific Airways reached a merger agreement with SilverJet, Inc. Pacific inherited not only all of SilverJet's fleet, but its entire operation as well. A great way for new pilots to build hours quickly and for experienced pilots to fly off the scheduled routes, SilverJet specializes in "on demand charter" as well as fractional ownership. SilverJet's fleet consists of smaller, more luxurious aircraft, designed to take its customers to smaller, less crowded airports, relieving our passengers of the stresses of airline travel.

SilverJet operates under FAR parts 91.k and 135, (rather than 121 like PAY and AFA do.) In plain English, this means we operate a non-scheduled service. "On demand charter," means just that. At any given time, a customer may charter an aircraft to fly any time and anywhere that person wants to go. This can be done at a moment's notice.

Pilots flying for SilverJet can find themselves flying to a whole new world of airports in smaller, faster aircraft, sometimes empty, sometimes with passengers or cargo or both, at all times of the day and night! SilverJet ... like nothing you have experienced before!

SilverJet Operations Manual

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SilverJet Fleet

The SilverJet Fleet can be downloaded from the Pacific Airways Fleet Page under the "SilverJet & Other" Catagory. Click here to go there